About us

I have always been a lover of all things vintage, and my favourite hobby is fossicking though antique stores, thrift stores or markets. In my day job, I have always been involved, and love planning out fantastic events.


In 2013, my daughter Annie was 11 and my son Jonah was 9, and I was working full time and the days were super long for all of us. My son was not coping going from school to after school care each day and was getting migraines. I knew things had to change when, for the second time in a week, I picked him up from after school care and had to take him straight to the hospital emergency department. The next day, I negotiated a change with my fabulous employer, to finish at 3pm each day which was fantastic for my family but of course, this created another problem, as a single parent I could not afford the drop in income.


Thinking creatively of my rescources, I already had a growing teacup collection, and a passion for events, so it wasnt long afterwards that Lady M Vintage High Tea was born.

Lady M has been such an amazing side hustle and such a postive in our lives, it has been a pleasure to meet so many gorgeous people and it has enabled so many amazing experiences which I am so grateful for.  Annie and Jonah still help me, but these days it is around university classes and apprenticeship training.


I still love assisting clients and planning stunning high teas so give me a call to talk about your event!